Hawai'i & L.A

America // U.S.A

Both places of darkness and light, horror and beauty.

This collection contains images of my time at Hawai'i & L.A.

Hawai'i has my heart, I haven't been to all the islands but I've been to Waikiki & Maui and both islands are beautiful in their own ways. Waikiki is more of a urbanized mainstream island, very touristy lively downtown with a chilled beach vibe mix. Maui, my heart currently lives here still, is an absolute beauty. It's a more disconnected, peace, natural, preserved island with lush thick rainforests & dry desolate patches on either side of the islands. It's a true beauty I hope to one day revisit.

L.A was just cool to experience for a flyover!

Alright give me some slack on the quality of these - they're taken back around the early 2000's on "that iPod touch" (if you know, you know. Hint: it's discussed in a podcast).